Exhibits in History of the Book Online

The exhibits linked from this page were assembled with the work of students in the UCLA Department of Information Studies as well as various undergraduate and graduate interns on the HoB Online project. Special thanks is due to the staff of the UCLA libraries, particularly Octavio Olvera, Nina Schneider, Rob Montoya, and Russell Johnson, for direct input, and for the rest of the curatorial and professional staff for their ongoing commitment, knowledge, and assistance.

The Rouse Manuscripts

The manuscripts in this exhibit were collected by Richard and Mary Rouse over several decades of teaching medieval paleography at UCLA. They contain an array of hands and types and texts, examples of illumination and rubication, as well as samples of difficult and more legible hands.

Medieval Scribes, Tools, & Practices

A collection of authentic medieval tools used in all aspects of the scribe's work. This collection, originally organized by Alan Cole, belongs to the Museum of Writing Research Collection, Institute of English Studies, University of London, and is housed in the Senate House Library.

Extending Tradition: Building on Medieval Manuscripts

The works in this exhibit are all later versions or publications of titles, authors, or documents that are represented in the Rouse Medieval Manuscript collection. The exhibit content was created by students in a History of the Book seminar in Winter 2014 in the Information Studies Department at UCLA.

Modern Art of the Book

The status of the codex book as an object of aesthetic expression changed dramatically with the coming of industrial methods of mass production. This exhibit looks at examples of works across a broad spectrum--from popular, commercial publications to the production of fine press, limited editions and also experimental productions created in the context of the early 20th century avant-garde.

ABCs of the CBC: Alphabet Books in the Children's Book Collection: 1700-1900

Alphabet books offer a vivid insight into the history of literacy and culture, as well as concepts of childhood. The Children's Book Collection at UCLA contains a rich array of these materials, some well-worn and much-used, some still bright and fresh. Each is a gem of print production and graphical imagery from another time and place. Though the history of alphabet books continues to the present, this exhibit focuses on the works in our collections published between 1700 and 1900, including horn books, primers, works of didacticism and seriousness, whimsy and play.

Spotlight on the Clark Library: Arts and Crafts in Britain and California

This exhibit spotlights outstanding examples of the British Arts and Crafts movement in the 1890s and their direct influence on the development of fine printing in California in early 20th century.

Letters of George Selwyn

Letters of 18th century wit, George Selwyn, from the collection of Alan Cole, with annotations by Cole and biographical notes of the recipients. Selwyn was known for his skills in diplomacy, literary composition, and amorous exploits.

Venoms and Poisons

This exhibit focuses on materials in the UCLA Collections that deal with venoms (toxins introduced by bite or sting) and poisons (those absorbed through other means). It was organized by visiting Professor Alain Touwaide and students in his Winter 2016 Class: The Books of Science and the Science of Books.