Home ABC, McLoughlin Brothers, New York, 1870. CBC *PE1119.H66 1870 Printed on linen for durability, this book introduced the alphabet through the names of everyday objects and activities. One of the many outstanding examples of alphabet books in the Charles E. Young Research Library, Special Collections, Children’s Book Collection.

The History of the Book is a networked resource focused on the production and reception of materials related to the history of the book and literacy technologies, broadly conceived. This ongoing project is being developed by Professor Johanna Drucker, working with staff and students based at UCLA to provide an online environment for research and learning. The project is pedagogical in its aims, but also, in its method. Some of the exhibit materials were developed by students in the MLIS program in Information Studies at UCLA, and some by faculty or research scholars. We have partners in other institutions, and welcome queries and contributions to the development of this site ahead. In this beta version, we are introducing three exhibits and an outline for what will be a coursebook for an introductory series of lessons. We have made every effort to proof and check the content, but if you find errors of fact or judgment, we would very much appreciate your contacting us with suggestions for correction.

Course Book: Organized series of lessons on history, technology, instututions, practices, based on featured books.
Exhibits: Thematically-focused materials with interpretative text, including spotlight on individual objects.
Image Gallery: Galleries searchable by titles, dates, and keywords. (In progress.)
Bibliography/Resources: Bibliography of print and online/linked resources. (In progress.)

For documentation on this project, personnel, technical information, see Documentation. For contact email: bookhistory AT gseis.ucla.edu.